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The basics to Blood DK theory crafting:

Heres the spec that I am currently using. Other than POSSIBLY (I prefer the linked spec below) replacing 1 point of Blood-Caked Blade with a second point into Scent of Blood, I fill this spec is pretty standard.

Blood Caked Blade - Gives about a 5% increase in overall dps output (depending on the fight)

Scent of Blood - 1/3 is a minimum, any more than that you should be able to debate on your own (don't have enough runic power, add another point.)



Heart Strike - Damage/threat gain.

Rune Strike - Damage/threat gain.

Death Coil Vrs. Death strike

Death Coil - Survival gain. If threat/damage is not an issue, then this is a mandatory choice.

Death Strike - Damage and threat gain. It's the least effective out of the 3 damage/threat gain glyphs IMHO.

I tend to switch between these two often, although with the 30% nerf to DS now the raid's damage output shouldn't go from a wipe to a kill off of the extra damage from Death Strike (although I've seen it happen before).


Rune Tap - Provides extra healing in your group. A lot of times during progression, any and all healing helps. Rune Tapping on CD - or even better, using Will of the Necropolis (refreshes CD of Rune Tap when you drop below 30%) in order to get a double Rune tap, giving back to back 5% hp gains to your party. It adds up pretty fast.

Vampiric Blood - Getting 40% increased healing instead of 25% and a 15% hp gain. Everything from Death Pact, Lichborne, Rune Tap, to Death Strike, all benefit from this on top of the healers pumping heals into you.

Dancing Rune Weapon Vrs. Anti-magic Shell

Ehh, I'm not a big fan of either, but it's all we have to work with.

Dancing Rune Weapon - Threat should never be an issue, if it is something is terribly wrong.

Anti-Magic Shell - If you need 2 more seconds of time on your AMS, you're doing it wrong. Anti-Magic Shell has a 5 second window and you should be able to use your CD to the point of it not needing to be longer. 9 times out of 10 the damage you take from whatever you're using it for will consume your Anti-Magic Shell to begin with. The only time you can justify having this over another Major Glyph is in a fight where you would NOT take the capped amount on your AMS from 1 event and would still somehow need it to be active for up to 7 seconds.


Up to getting Heroic gear:
Mastery > Dodge > Parry > Exp > Hit > Haste > Crit

However, once you start heroic progression you'll find stamina come into play, and you'll want to start leaning towards regemming to stamina (finding the perfect balance can be difficult, just stick with it and see what works best for you personally).


Engineering: It's extremely easy to work in a macro that allows you to use the stat bonuses you get from this profession and a CD at the same time.

Leather Working: +80 bracer enchant

Jewel Crafting: Epic gems (+17 each)

Black Smithing: BiS bracers, however they can be bought from other players and used by non blacksmiths.

Alch/Inscp/Mining: Static stat gain

Dragon Soul Encounters:

Madness of Deathwing:

First Platform - Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, and Dream

Second Platform - Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, and Icebound Fortitude

Third Platform - Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, Dancing Rune Weapon, and Army of the Dead

Fourth Platform - Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, Icebound Fortitude
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